I want you to Level-Up and Ripple!

I'm a Systems Administrator by day and herbalist, gardener and naturalist in my spare time. My day job and hobbies are very paralleled since they both deal with complex systems- computers and biocomputers (our bodies).  I grew up around the Greater Pittsburgh area and have lived in Mt. Lebanon, Pa with my 3 children for the past 14 years. We also own a property in Titusville, Pa with a space to grow and cultivate.

I decided to create a space to share some of the herbal products that I use to support myself and my loved ones. I've always been drawn to the natural world and have always been inquisitive. I started my connection to nature in my grandmother, Thelma's, garden. I can still remember to this day the way her roses smelled and how beautiful they were. She was a nurses-aid in her youth, and was an avid and brilliant organic gardener and crocheter as you grew older. She was my first and true influence on homesteading and living a natural way of life. Recently, I started digging more into my ancestry and found out that my grandfather (on the other side of my family) was also a mushroom hunter! I love learning as much as I can about my lineage, the human body and mind, and how herbs and mushrooms can subtly support the different systems within the body and soul. 

Why the name? I love gaming and started playing Super Mario Brothers growing up with friends until I could beat the game. Leveling up in a game or life can be a challenging process. Sometimes we need help along our way. I wholeheartedly believe taking medicinal mushrooms and herbs can help a person level up in their lives. Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine that has been healing people for thousands of years. I believe in this holistic approach to health and modern science is now catching up to do cutting-edge research studies on the healing properties of medicinal herbs and mushrooms. I've experienced healing personally using herbal medicine. The natural world can heal, and in turn, we can heal the natural world. Working with a person's body and mind through a holistic approach can positively affect personal growth. Growth is bound to ripple out to friends, colleagues, loved ones, and the land which is my ultimate goal. Reciprocity. We are all closely connected, and I want to do my part to make wellness accessible to everyone. 

I take a conscious and spiritual approach to my herbal practice and am always looking for ways to grow and learn. I completed the Wild Cherries Herbal Studies program in 2019 and have been an active member in the Western PA mushroom club since 2018. In 2020 my family and I purchased a 15 acre second property in Titusville, Pa (natively Erie land). While already beautiful, we will be working to steward and grow on this land. We're looking forward to what the future holds at our new cottage and can't wait to share it with the world. Thanks for visiting the shop. I hope you enjoy the herbal products and integrate them into your heart.

Respectfully, Victoria Ream-Khersonsky

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